Abrasion Arthroplasty & Microfacture

These techniques are designed to affect a degenerating joint surface by stimulating regeneration of fibrocartilage.


  • It is vital that the affected area is not over-loaded whilst this recovery takes place (anything from six weeks to six months).
  • The tibio-femoral joint should be protected by a period of minimal weight-bearing (as dictated by the surgeon), followed by a period of gradually increasing partial weight bearing.
  • The patello-femoral joint should avoid loading (ie. flexion beyond 20’ in a weight bearing situation) by squatting, stairs or open kinetic chain activities with weights.
  • The joints respond well to movement, such as static cycling, as there are low joint compression forces. Patients may be advised to have a CPM machine at home for 4 -6 weeks
  • Occasionally braces may be used to help the patient adhere to the necessary protocol.
  • Patients should be advised that rehabilitation can be a lengthy process as intra-articular healing takes time.
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