About Us

The Bromsgrove Knee Clinic (BKC) is housed in the Bromsgrove Private Clinic, which was previously the well known Nancy Doyle Clinic.


BKC is a specialist one stop diagnostic and treatment centre of knee disorders. Today, it is administered by a group of his fellow consultants. As Knee/Shoulder specialists we are able to treat across all age groups. As experts in our chosen field we offer a unique service to both the professional and amateur sportsman, middle aged or older people with degenerative conditions. There are no boundaries to our areas of referral, with many patients coming from all over the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands, Europe and the Middle East..

Our specialist Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon Kirti Moholkar and Chartered Physiotherapists Lesley Hall have successfully treated innumerable patients over the years and continue to do so. Many health professionals such as General Practitioners, Sports Physicians and Therapists regularly refer patients to us for diagnosis and treatment whilst co-operating with us in the post-operative stage. Many patients come to us for Physiotherapy treatment only, as not all our patients require surgery. Our on-site diagnosis investigation procedures include MRI Scanning, X Rays, Ultrasound Imaging, Electrocardiograms, KT2000 Ligament Testing together with comprehensive laboratory back-up. This facility offers the patient a unique ‘one-stop’ diagnosis which avoids the need for recurrent consultations before a final diagnosis is reached.

Droitwich Knee Clinic Team Patient choice is paramount and we realise that arrangements have to be made to fit around work and family life. Our flexible approach gives patients the choice of convenience. Patients undergoing minimal invasive surgery can be accommodated as day cases and dependent on the patients needs, an overnight hospital stay may be advised. Total knee replacement patients are usually discharged between 3-5 days after the operation.

Urgent cases can normally be accommodated within 24 hours and initial consultation with one of our Surgeons or Physiotherapists is usually within a few days. However, should subsequent surgery be necessary this can be arranged at short notice. Elective surgery such as Ligament reconstruction, Knee replacements and Osteotomies can be given a firm booking at the time of the initial diagnosis.

The final cost of the operation including hospital costs, Anesthetists and Surgeons fees together with an estimation as to rehabilitation and follow-up appointments can be supplied from our accounts department upon request.

Our particular areas of surgical expertise are the following:

  • Repair of menisci. Repair rather than unnecessary removal preserves and protects the knee from wear and tear in the active individual.
  • Ligament reconstructions of the knee using minimally invasive autonomous grafting techniques requiring overnight hospitalization.
  • Various patella realignment procedures specifically chosen for the patient with a mal-tracking or recurrent dislocation of the patella.
  • Repair of joint surface cartilage defects using tautologous cartilage cell implantation techniques (ACI).
  • The comprehensive investigation and treatment of anterior knee pain.
  • Osteotomies and limb realignment where indicated Limb reconstruction using the Sheffield modification of the Ilizarov external frame, for those with serious non-unions, malunions and congenital deformities of the lower limb
  • Primary and revision unicompartmental and total knee replacement.
  • Specializing in shoulder sports injury, degenerative conditions and arthritis


The Physiotherapy department is fully equipped to provide comprehensive assessment and treatment of musculo-skeletal disorders. Our highly experienced staff provide a complete range of appropriate treatment modalities including:

  • Exercise
  • Electrotherapy
  • Mobilisation/Manipulation
  • Acupuncture

The Droitwich Knee Clinic is recognised as an International Teaching Centre by ISAKOS (the International Society for Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery, Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine). For the development of education and research in knee surgery and rehabilitation The Knee Foundation was set up in 1991 as an Educational Charitable Trust.