Visiting Us

Please contact our experienced receptionist team if you have any questions about your first or follow-up appointment.

The consultation will be:

  • Organised at a time to suit you
  • With a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • Physiotherapist if you wish
  • Appointments will last between 20- 25 minutes based upon the complexity of the case
  • Second opinions or complex cases will last up to 1 hour
  • Easy access with free car parking
  • Disabled parking available on-site
  • Disabled toilets on site

Bromsgrove Knee clinic has easy access to on-site X-ray, MRI scans and physiotherapy, if indicated these can often be arranged for the same day. This concept has been developed keeping patients into account with the them of one stop clinic.

PREPARATION FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT  Please bring any medical notes, x-rays or MRI scans you have previously had as this will be extremely important for the decision making and analysis of your problem. If you do not have these notes or X-ray/scans with you, please inform our staff where and when they have been performed and we will make sure they are accessible electronically on the day of your consultation provided we have had adequate time to request them.

A patient questionnaire is either sent to you by post or email to fill out and bring with you, or submit electronically. The Bromsgrove Clinic, takes outcomes collection very seriously and this will not only help the clinician with his/her initial assessment but also help you focus on the main problem affecting your joint. As part of that questionnaire we like to know your level of your daily and sporting activity before and after the injury to allow the surgeon to set out clear objectives and deadlines.

A treatment plan that considers the above aims and objectives will then be fully discussed with you.

If you have been treated by a physiotherapist before, please bring any notes you may have. We will also need their name, telephone number and address so that we can lease with them on your behalf so that all the medical personnel work together in a multi-disciplinary manner.